What are the requirements to run WP Express?

You’ll need a local server running that your WordPress site will run on. It can be of any type, including services such as MAMP, as long as the MySQL database is accessible to external applications.

Cannot connect to database in MAMP on OSX

You’ll want to make sure you’re using the same port for MySQL that MAMP has configured. This should be located in the settings under the “Ports” tab. By default it is set to 8889.

Cannot connect to database in MAMP PRO on OSX

In MAMP PRO you’ll need to double check two areas if the database cannot connect:

Like standard MAMP you’ll need to make sure the ports match up to what you’re entering into WP Express to connect to the database. By default MAMP PRO uses 8889 as well for MySQL.

This can be checked on the “General” tab of MAMP PRO.

You’ll also need to make sure the database is allowing external access to MySQL. This can be checked in the “MySQL” tab of MAMP PRO. You’ll need to make sure that “Allow network access to MySQL” is checked. WP Express only needs “only from this Mac” to be checked for access to the database.

How do I activate my license after purchase?

You activate your license by going to Settings » Activate License… in the WP Express menu. Enter the key sent to you in your purchase receipt and click “Activate”. Once verified you should now have access to all Pro features.

How do I configure default settings? (Pro version only)

You can set your defaults for your database and WordPress credentials by going to Settings » Defaults in the WP Express menu.

If filled in the database will attempt to automatically connect with these credentials. The WordPress username, password, and email will automatically be filled in as well. All values are still editable when going through the install process, these will just be the initial values.

What if I have custom permissions for my server?

You can specify a custom PHP runtime within your server by going to Settings » Advanced in the WP Express menu. The specified file must be a valid PHP binary.