WP Express Pro

End the time sink of collecting your frequently used themes and plugins for every single WordPress install. Instead set them as a bundle in WP Express Pro and have them automatically installed during setup. You can select which theme/plugin(s) are active after install, and all themes/plugins are updated to the latest version available. Choose themes/plugins from the WordPress repository, your own files, or URLs that get automatically downloaded

Get WP Express Pro – $9

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14-day money back guarantee
If WP Express Pro does not improve your development workflow you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Additional Features in WP Express Pro

Save your frequently used plugins and themes to easily include on installs. The latest versions will be downloaded for each install and activated so they’re ready when you are.

Plugins and Themes
Use plugins and themes from the WordPress repo, or your own purchased files, and have them automatically activated after install.

Default Settings
Save default setting such as your database username/password, as well as common WordPress information to speed up your setup process even faster.