Please be aware that WordPress and its ecosystem have changed a lot, which means that the method we gave you may not work with the latest version of WordPress in 2022.

How does it work?

Using your existing development environment, such as MAMP, set up a new folder and URL for your site. Open up WP Express and follow the steps to enter your database and WordPress information. Files are automatically downloaded and installed for you. Once setup is complete your site should be up and running, quick and easy.

Step 1 – Select Install Folder

Drag and drop your WordPress install folder, or hit “Select Folder” to pull up the file picker.

Step 2 – Database

Enter your database details and hit “Test Connection” to check if the database is accessible.

NOTE: On MAMP if you’re unable to connect, even though your username/password appear correct, you may need to set the port to 8889 (the default port MAMP uses for MySQL connections). For more info see the FAQ.

Once connected you can select an existing database, or enter a new one that will automatically be created for you.

Clicking the “Additional Settings” link will open additional options when setting up a new database, or custom WordPress table prefixes (wp_ by default).

Step 3 – WordPress

Enter your WordPress site details including your title, the URL on your local environment (e.g. http://localhost, http://localhost:8888,

You can also select a language pack to download and activate automatically on your new site.

Step 4 – Bundles

Drag/drop your downloaded theme/plugin zip files into each area to include them in your WordPress site.

Clicking the “Add Theme” or “Add Plugin” buttons will open a modal allowing you to select additional themes/plugins from the WordPress directories, custom URLs, or your own files. You can select which theme(s)/plugin(s) are active on the site immediately after install, and all of them are automatically updated to the latest version available.

Bundles can also be saved for use on future installs so your themes and plugins are automatically included.