Theme Review Process

  • A motif gets uploaded.
  • A motif goes to the brand-new theme line.
  • A motif gets assigned a style customer.
  • The customer does a review by inspecting the called for things and keeping in mind any type of recommendations.
  • Once the review is done the evaluation is added to the motif ticket.
  • If all the needed products aren’t fulfilled, the theme should not be accepted and exposed in assessing status for updates.
  • If a theme ticket has no update from the theme writer for 7 days it might be closed as a result of lack of exercise.
  • If a theme ticket has no update from the style customer within the initial two days after the assignment, the author can ask for that the theme is returned to the queue.
  • Once a style passes all needed checks, the customer marks the style as approved.
  • Once a style is approved the ticket will certainly relocate to a new line where an essential customer will certainly do the last review.
  • If concerns are located throughout the final testimonial, the ticket will be reopened as well as the motif writer, and also customer asked to continue the review.
  • When no concerns are found the ticket is significant online, as well as the theme, turns up on the repo, and all updates to it after that are carried out in the update queue.

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